We have created a fundraising tool kit for group leaders and sellers to utilize, so they have everything they need to run a successful fundraiser! Below you'll find everything from sample letters, fundraising tips, videos, and information about our programs. Happy fundraising!

Fundraising Documents

Are you getting ready to host a fundraiser? Whether it is your first time running with us or your fifth, we think these documents will help you get your fundraiser off on the right track.

Safe and Convenient Fundraising for You. Infographic with online ordering, prepacked orders, and no-contact delivery information

No-Contact Fundraising Program

We offer a no-contact fundraising option that makes the safety of you and your sellers a top priority. With our online store, your group can raise the funds it needs while keeping everyone in your community safe. Because there is nothing more important to us then your wellbeing.

Online Fundraiser - Butter Braid pastry with images from online store

Online Store

Learn more about running an online fundraiser with us! It's the SIMPLE and EASY way to raise funds for your group, and it's FREE to use with any of our fundraising programs. Below you'll find set-up instructions and information about our online store.

Butter Braid Cinnamon pastry with Share the Good and logo

Butter Braid® Pastry Information

Learn more about Butter Braid Pastries and our fundraising program. Butter Braid Pastries are only available through fundraisers. Through our pastries, we celebrate togetherness and show the dedication we have for our loved ones.

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